Transform Your Team with Tech-Training Toolkit (T3)

Create Digital Balance

Introducing the Tech-Training Toolkit (T3) – a comprehensive suite of videos and communication templates designed to enhance your team's mastery over their digital workspace, promoting Digital Balance™.

Unlock Your Tech's Potential

Many employees struggle with digital tools, finding them more distracting than beneficial. T3, crafted with expert technologists, provides user-friendly guides for platforms like Slack, Teams, and Email, enabling your team to tailor their digital experience for improved focus and efficiency.

Elevate Digital Interactions

Customized Learning

Customized Learning

Engage with tailored tutorials that transform essential platforms into tools that boost productivity - rather than distract.
Personalized Settings

Personalized Settings

Learn to adjust communication settings to suit your work style and reduce the “digital noise” to boost efficiency.
Streamlined Communication

Streamlined Communication

Implement best practices to declutter your digital space and improve daily operations.

Key Benefits

Individual Empowerment

Empower each team member to customize their digital environment, aligning tools with personal work styles to boost satisfaction and efficiency.

Improved Team Dynamics

Benefit from clearer, more effective communication, leading to enhanced collaboration and superior outcomes.

Digital Well-Being

Embrace T3's approach to healthy digital habits, mitigating the risk of digital overwhelm and fostering a culture of productivity and retention.

What You Get

How-to" Explainer Videos. Each video, professionally crafted to deliver key insights in 60 seconds or less, covers vital topics to revolutionize your digital workspace. With five essential topics per course, these videos guide corporate employees through leveraging their platforms to maintain focus, establish digital boundaries, and optimize workflows.
In addition, T3 provides Ready-Made Communication Templates for seamless internal distribution, enhancing your internal communications strategy.
For a personalized touch, white-labeled videos and communications are available upon request, allowing you to brand these valuable resources as your own.

Elevate Your Digital Workspace with T3

The Tech-Training Toolkit (T3) is more than a collection of tools; it's a comprehensive approach to creating an engaging, efficient, and balanced digital work environment. Equip your team with the skills to confidently navigate their digital tools, setting effective boundaries that promote well-being and productivity.
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