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Certified Digital Wellness Educator Badge

Access to Resource Tool Kit (graphics, templates, and more!)

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What to Expect

Quizzes + Final Exam
Weekly built-in checkpoints for recall and retention on key topics and vocabulary

Project with a Purpose
A final project to move you from the classroom to real world applications

Thought-provoking exercises designed to help you embody program content

Prompts to foster introspection and awareness

Program Overview

What Our Alumni Say...

DWI offers an amazing program! Essentially, their collaborations bring in world-class instructors to engage the larger conversation of Digital Wellness, as well as provide tools for attaining that elusive balance. The Educator program promotes and expands thought leadership by teaching research-driven content to shed light on the interplay of the technological balance of self, wellness, professional performance, and community. From students, to professionals and leadership circles, DWI is a fantastic resource!

- Nicole C.

Learning to manage our boundaries and harnessing the power of technology is possible when we take time to learn about ideas like digital overuse and pursue digital flourishing. The Digital Wellness Institute provides the context for greater understanding and the tools to act as a better and more healthy relationship with our technology.

- Keith Y.

After taking the Digital Wellness Institute's courses through my company, I came away with greater awareness about how I'm looking after my health and digital wellness and what I can do to increase my productivity at work and lessen the feeling of burnout. These courses also served as a great reminder to set healthy boundaries for my tech usage habits.

- Auburn M.


Course Objectives


Understand key terminology of digital wellness and the attention economy.

Identify the warning signs of technology addiction, dependency and distress.

Understand current technology trends and their impact on human behavior.

Discuss the design and regulation of technology for digital wellness


Speak authoritatively about the core components of Digital Flourishing.

Model the prevention of and recovery from digital burnout and sensory overload.

Discover practices to explore and improve your relationship with technologythe degree to which employees feel a sense of inclusivity and connection in the workplace’s digital environments.


Coach colleagues and clients on effective digital boundaries and intentional technology practices.

Assess and track digital wellness over time using research-based methodologies.

Utilize technology as an ally to optimize wellbeing in the digital

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On-Demand 15 Week Certification Program


Our On-Demand Certification Program is perfect for those looking to go at their own pace. You can move as quickly or slowly as you'd like over the course of 15 weeks. Certified Digital Wellness Educator Badge

Digital Wellness Educator Certificate + Title

30 hours of video-based instruction

Downloadable workbook

Access to an alumni folder of resources

Self- paced learning over 15 weeks

Private Cohort: Live or On-Demand

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Digital Wellness Educator Certificate + Title

30 hours of video-based instruction

Live instructor-led zoom calls

Access to an alumni folder of resources

Networking with fellow students

Downloadable workbook

Access to an alumni folder of resources

5+ hours of bonus content

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