Elevate Your Team to be a Digitally Balanced Workplace™

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Elevate Your Team to be a Digitally Balanced Workplace™

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80% of employees felt more secure after their company invested in digital wellness. Is yours one of them?

Nominate your workplace for prioritizing employee mental health and fostering a healthy, productive environment.

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Why Nominate Your Workplace?
  • Gain global recognition as a Digitally Balanced Workplace™
  • Workplace profile featured on Fast Company website
  • Enhance employee morale and digital wellness
  • Attract top talent by showcasing your commitment to a healthy digital environment

Nominating your workplace is the first step towards earning global recognition opportunities

Nominating your workplace is the first step towards earning global recognition opportunities
"I have gotten more personal development in the last 6 months than over the previous 10 years of my career. I truly feel valued, challenged and driven every single day. I couldn't be happier."
Employee of The Cheesecake Factory Incorporated
"How we navigate work and life in the digital environment is THE issue for us to solve moving forward. The Digital Wellness Institute is quantifying the problem with the right measurements at the right time. They have a suite of interventions that can meaningfully move the needle forward for positive change."
Matthew Chow
Chief Mental Health Officer Telus Health
"Learning to manage our boundaries and harnessing the power of technology is possible when we take time to learn about ideas like digital overuse and pursue digital flourishing. The Digital Wellness Institute provides the context for greater understanding and the tools to act as a better and more healthy relationship with our technology."
Kerilee Snatenchuk
Director of People & Culture ATB Financial
"After taking the Digital Wellness Institute's courses through my company, I came away with greater awareness about how I'm looking after my health and digital wellness and what I can do to increase my productivity at work and lessen the feeling of burnout. These courses also served as a great reminder to set healthy boundaries for my tech usage habits."
Jacob Turner
Digital Wellness Learner Employee

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I nominate my company?
After nomination, our team carefully reviews each submission for alignment with digital wellness standards. A member of our team will contact you for further steps toward certification.
Why nominate?
As our digital world evolves, the program evolves with it. The Nominating showcases your commitment to a healthy digital environment, enhancing your brand’s reputation and attracting top talent.
What is a Digitally Balanced Workplace™ Certification?
This certification recognizes organizations that excel in creating a healthy digital work culture, focusing on employee well-being and productivity.
Should I submit a nomination if my company is already a Digitally Balanced Workplace™?
Yes, to reaffirm your status and stay updated with evolving digital wellness practices.
How are the Top Digitally Balanced Workplaces selected?
The Digital Wellness Institute and Fast Company make selections based on comprehensive assessments of digital wellness practices, employee feedback, and alignment with industry standards.
How do I know if my company is digitally balanced or practices digital well-being?
If your workplace champions digital wellness, emphasizing balance, belonging, and boundaries, you're perfect for our nomination. Our various products can enhance your organization’s digital wellness, positioning you as a leader in the modern work environment and attracting top talent.
Other questions?
Please email info@digitalwellnessinstitute.com.
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