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We use positive psychology from our experts in digital wellness. Our solutions are all built in-house for your company without fear of your sentiment data being compromised.
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Not your typical partnership. Walk alongside proven results and less confusion. Our solutions are science-based , and our experts are world-renowned.
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Equip individuals with practical digital wellness skills through self-paced learning
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Earn industry-recognized credentials in digital wellness 
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Enhance your reputation with recognition as a digitally balanced workplace
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Inspire your team with insights from top digital wellness experts

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International Speakers

Lead your team into the new culture of the digital age with a keynote from one of our experts. From TEDxTalks to Google, our team has experience speaking worldwide to Fortune 100 companies and small businesses alike who are investing in their people. 
amy blankson

Amy Blankson

Best Selling Author and 2x Point of Light Award Winner
chris flack

Chris Flack

Award-Winning Behaviour Change Expert
tyler rice

Tyler Rice

Author and CEO of Digital Wellness Institute
Shaunelle Curry

Shaunelle Curry

Author and Educator on Digital Citizenship and DEI
Nina Hersher MSW

Nina Hersher MSW

Keynote Speaker and Co-founder of Digital Wellness Day
Dr. Kwabena Blankson

Dr. Kwabena Blankson

Adolescent Mental Health Expert
Jay Vidyarthi

Jay Vidyarthy

Founded the world's first mindful design firm
david ryan polgar

David Ryan Polgar

International Speaker and Content Advisory Council for TikTok
Dr. Sophie Janicke-Bowles Ph.D

Dr. Sophie Janicke-Bowles

Positive Media Psychology Researcher

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Digital Wellness Courses

Add courses to your experience to gain access to our self-paced digital wellness courses, designed to provide practical skills and knowledge for thriving in the digital age.
Explore our Course Catalogue

15 Minutes

Communication in the Digital Era

In this course, you’ll explore the impacts of constant communication and learn

15 Minutes

Mental Health in the Digital Era

In this course, you will explore the inner workings of key regions of your brain.

15 Minutes

Physical Health in the Digital Era

In this course, you’ll explore the impact of technology on physical health.

15 Minutes

Productivity in the Digital Era

In this course, you’ll explore the sources of distraction that might be keeping you

15 Minutes

Digital Wellness 101

Introduction course to the digital flourishing model and the power of digital wellness.

16 Weeks

Micro Course Bundle

Managing the balance between work & life in the digital age can be hard. When we adopt a digital flourishing mindset

Certified Educator

Boost your personal brand by becoming leading thought leader, influencer, or speaker

Certified Champion

Champion a culture of Digital Balance within your team or workplace. Earn PDU credits through SHRM in the process

5 minutes

AI for Flourishing & Balance

Gain familiarity with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and apply the Digital Flourishing and Balance frameworks to understand how you can leverage AI for personal and professional gains.

5 minutes

From Fear to Positivity

Happiness expert Amy Blankson debunks common fears surround artificial intelligence and moves learners along a continuum from fear to fearless positivity.

15 minutes

Student Productivity

Productivity: a core aspect of Digital Flourishing. It teaches students how they may use technology to maximize the benefits while mitigating distractions and a lack of intentional usage.

15 minutes

Student Mental Health

Mental Health: a core aspect of Digital Flourishing. It teaches students how they may use technology to maximize the benefits while mitigating the negatively impact mental health.

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Certifications & Recognition

Achieve industry-leading recognition as a digitally balanced workplace through our certified program with Fast Company, improving employee well-being and the organization’s social responsibility.

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