Measure & Improve Employee Wellbeing: Digital Balance ModelTM

Business leaders, top research institutions, and the public rely on the Digital Balance Index Model to measure what it means to be a Digitally Balanced Workplace.

The Digital Balance
Model is the Gold

The Digital Balance Index delivers the missing metric that gets at the heart of today's modern workplace problems. It is scientifically tied to workplace outcomes such as burnout, Mental health, and employee turnover.

Why Businesses Care about Digital Balance

Why Businesses Care
about Digital Balance

From the manager's perspective, a Digitally Balanced
workplace means:

Higher Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Less Zoom Fatigue

Less job stress

Less burnout

Less turnover intentions

Higher individual and team resilience

Less depressive symptoms

Higher overall sleep quality

Discover the ROI

Learn about Digital Balance and how it affects the bottom line of the modern workplace.

Elements of Digital Balance

Three general categories constitute a Digitally Balanced Workplace™. They are: 1) Screen Balance, 2) Digital Inclusion and Belonging, and 3) Digital Boundaries. These elements tie to the Digital Flourishing Wheel.

Screen Balance

Employees are invited to manage screen time & disconnect from digital devices when they need a break.

Digital Inclusion & Belonging

Employees feel a sense of inclusivity and connection in the workplace’s digital environments.

Digital Boundaries

Employees feel they can establish & maintain healthy digital limits outside regular working hours.

Digital Balance Model

Digital Balance is key in a world where workplace communication is primarily digitized. Assess your missing metric today and reduce your company's avoidable costs comprehensively and efficiently

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