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The impact

Do you know how digitally well your students are?

You understand the importance of student mental health and have invested in programs for social, emotional, and physical wellness. However, there's one missing piece: digital wellness.

The reality is that many students now spend 10-17 hours a day on screens, a 30% increase since the pandemic. This shift is altering the modern student experience and affecting mental health and attrition rates. If you're not monitoring these trends, you may be facing a significant loss in student productivity and retention. That's where we can help.

The solution

Integrate positive digital practices into your culture

As the global leader in digital wellness programs and certification, our three pillars provide a simple, actionable framework to reimagine digital well-being at your organization.


See how you measure up

Through our student listening platform, we provide with valuable student insights and actionable campus-level data.

Monitor the digital wellness of your students in real-time and make data-driven decisions for investing in student health.


Create meaningful change with ready-to-deploy tools that integrate seamlessly into your existing efforts.

Programs include: micro courses that teach positive digital habits, Momentum Events with leading experts, and gamified micro challenges that inspire behavior change.

Get tools to improve up


Promote your digital culture on campus and become recognized as either a Rising or Certified Digitally Well Campus™.

Students can also complete digital wellness upskilling to earn recognition as a Certified Digitally Well Student

Stand out, get certified

Why digital wellness matters to you

Digital wellness isn’t a nice-to-have program; it’s a key component to student success. Campus leaders need to be able to track student burnout, so they can support students in real time.

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Increased focus

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Improved mental health

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Reduced burnout

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Increased academic success

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Lowered attrition rates

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What others say

Campuses like yours are seeing the impact of digital well-being

How we navigate work and life in the digital environment is THE issue for us to solve moving forward. The Digital Wellness Institute is quantifying the problem with the right measurements at the right time. They have a suite of interventions that can meaningfully move the needle forward for positive change.

Matthew Chow
Chief Mental Health Officer Telus Health

Learning to manage our boundaries and harnessing the power of technology is possible when we take time to learn about ideas like digital overuse and pursue digital flourishing. The Digital Wellness Institute provides the context for greater understanding and the tools to act as a better and more healthy relationship with our technology.

Kerilee Snatenchuk
Director of People & Culture ATB Financial

After taking the Digital Wellness Institute's courses through my company, I came away with greater awareness about how I'm looking after my health and digital wellness and what I can do to increase my productivity at work and lessen the feeling of burnout. These courses also served as a great reminder to set healthy boundaries for my tech usage habits.

Jacob Turner
Digital Wellness Learner Employee

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