Digitally Balanced Workplace™ Certification

Introducing the Digital Wellness Institute and Fast Company's certification for organizations of 30+ employees. Elevate your digital practices and organizational health with our comprehensive benchmarking program.

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How it works

Step 1

Application submission

Begin by providing essential details about your team and company.

Step 2

Employee engagement

Conduct a brief, 3-minute survey across your workforce over a two-week period.

Step 3

Application submission

Surpass our standards to earn certification and qualify for exclusive recognition opportunities by Fast Company.

Step 4

Elevate recruitment

Boost candidate interest and quality by approximately 15% through certification.

Benefits of certification

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Official recognition

Earn the title of a Pending or Certified Digitally Balanced Workplace for 12 months.

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Insightful benchmarking

Receive valuable feedback and comparisons to global industry standards.

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Attract elite talent

Gain a competitive edge in talent acquisition and appeal to exceptional candidates.

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Marketing advantage

Access to our badge and marketing templates to amplify your brand's reach.

How we navigate work and life in the digital environment is THE issue for us to solve moving forward. The Digital Wellness Institute is quantifying the problem with the right measurements at the right time. They have a suite of interventions that can meaningfully move the needle forward for positive change.

Matthew Chow
Chief Mental Health Officer Telus Health

Learning to manage our boundaries and harnessing the power of technology is possible when we take time to learn about ideas like digital overuse and pursue digital flourishing. The Digital Wellness Institute provides the context for greater understanding and the tools to act as a better and more healthy relationship with our technology.

Kerilee Snatenchuk
Director of People & Culture ATB Financial

After taking the Digital Wellness Institute's courses through my company, I came away with greater awareness about how I'm looking after my health and digital wellness and what I can do to increase my productivity at work and lessen the feeling of burnout. These courses also served as a great reminder to set healthy boundaries for my tech usage habits.

Jacob Turner
Digital Wellness Learner Employee

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Certification Levels

Teams may qualify for one of the following levels:

Recognizes teams and organizations that have made significant progress towards building a healthy relationship with technology in the workplace.

Recognizes teams and organizations that have demonstrated exemplary practices in fostering a digitally balanced work environment.

Fast Company's “Top 100” list
Recognizes the top 100 scoring organizations in a calendar year. Note: Only certified organizations are eligible for the Top 100 list.

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Become a beacon of digital excellence. By earning the Certified Digitally Balanced Workplace designation, you not only gain a competitive advantage but also a chance to feature on Fast Company’s esteemed “Top 100” list. Seize this opportunity to cultivate a more productive, satisfied, and digitally harmonious workforce.

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