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Who We Are

The Digital Wellness Institute exists to equip leaders and changemakers with tools to assess and address digital wellness in order to foster a more positive digital culture around the world.
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Why Now, Why Us?

Since the pandemic erupted, we’ve witnessed a digital revolution. What was already in progress skyrocketed overnight - with a shift to remote work and more digital access than ever before.  

Today, eighty-three percent of employees are looking to their employers for guidance in navigating the pressures of remote work. Yet many employers feel ill-equipped to deal with these new pressures.

Our organization was created to address just this. The Digital Wellness Institute has helped hundreds of organizations and individuals to optimize their mental health, work habits, and productivity - all while embracing a positive, digital work culture.

Our teachers

Meet our instructors

Amy Blankson

Author of the Future of Happiness; Member UN Global Happiness Council; CEO Fearless Positivity, 

Sophie Janicke-Bowles, Ph.D

Founder of Rewire Happiness; Assistant Professor in the School of Communication Chapman University

Dr. Kwabena Blankson

Adolescent Medicine doctor; Co-Founder Gamer Wellness;  Harvard College/Yale School of Medicine

August Brice

Founder, TechWellness

Renée Cummings

Founder and CEO of Urban AI; Crimnologist; Data Activist in Residence, University of Virginia

Shaunelle Curry

CEO & Founder at Media Done Responsibly; Media Studies Professor

Nir Eyal

NYT Best-selling author of Indistractable and Hooked

Chris Flack

Co-Founder at UnPlug

James Garrett

CEO & Founder at BrainbyDesign; Co-founder of Think Unlimited

Sharmin Habib

 Co-founder, UMay Care, Optometrist and Wellness Advocate

Heidi Hanna, Ph.D

NYT Best-selling author; Instructor, Harvard Extension School; CEO Synergy Brain Fitness; Advisory Board Member for the American Institute of Stress. 

Nina Hersher

CEO and Co-founder of the Digital Wellness Institute; Founder of Evolving in the Digital Age

Jamie Levy

Master Reiki Teacher; Program Director, Mindful Meeps

Anna Lomanowka, Ph.D

Director, Digital Well-being Lab at Laval University, Quebec; Adjunct Professor of Psychology

Johnette Magner, Ph.D

Executive Director of External Affairs; Assistant Professor, Communications and Media Studies at Louisiana Tech University

Marie McGrath

Executive Director, TextLessLiveMore

Jonathan Noel

Founder, Align XP; Doctorate of Chiropractic (D.C.) from Southern California University of Health Sciences

Susan Reynolds

Co-Founder & Board Chair at LookUp.live

Tyler Shores

ThinkLab Program Manager, University of Cambridge

Jay Vidyarthi

Award-winning Mindfulness Designer & Researcher; Co-launched 'A Mindful Society' Conference
Our leadership

Meet our core team

Our team is comprised of digital wellness experts with a passion for creative positive change. 
nina hersher
Chief Executive Officer
Amy Blankson 
Chief Operating Officer
Andrew Montesantos
Director, Strategic Partnerships
Sophie Janicke-Bowles
Director, Research
Madeline Callahan
Program Coordinator
Alex Gault
Director, Media Relations
shaunelle curry
Director, Equity & Inclusion
Johnette Magner
Director, Public Policy
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