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Together, we’re prioritizing wellbeing in a fast-paced world.

Get certified as a digital wellness educator through our 10-week certificate program. 

Next Cohort: March 21 - May 27, 2022

An Emphasis on Flourishing

The Digital Wellness Institute has helped hundreds of organizations and individuals to optimize their mental health, work habits, and productivity - all while embracing a positive, digital work culture.

Our proprietary Digital Flourishing® model equips learners with research-based tools and best practices to take advantage of the benefits of technology while avoiding associated harms. As the leading educator in the space, the Digital Wellness Institute is the go-to resource for upskilling in the digital/remote work era.
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Join a growing cadre of learning professionals across the globe who are bringing digital wellness to their communities.  Enroll in our 10-week certificate program today. 

Synchronous Online Classes

Ten weeks of online learning with new content released weekly

Weekly Quizzes & Reflection

Built-in checkpoints for recall and contemplation

Projects with a Purpose

Final project and weekly assignments build towards real-world application

Weekly Discussions

Moderated forum offers a space for students to connect and learn from one another

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Write your awesome label here.

Upskill for the Remote Work Era

Digital exposure has fundamentally changed the way individuals engage with technology. While there are many wonderful benefits of technology, there is also a growing set of unintended consequences from digital overuse, including text neck, loss of productivity, anxiety from FOMO and more. Leaders need education and guidance. We are here to help.
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