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As the global leaders in digital wellness education and certification, we help organizations and individuals reach a state of Digital Flourishing® - that sweet spot where productivity, health and happiness are optimized in the midst of work and life in the digital era.

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Stay up to date on emerging frameworks, research, terminology and guidance by getting certified as a Digital Wellness Educator. Perfect for: Chief Well-being Officers, CHROs, CLOs, Professors, Educators, and more

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Custom Solutions and Skills for Digital Flourishing® for Workplaces, Schools, and Individuals. 


Take care of employees on and off the clock as they learn skills for balancing well-being in an increasingly connected digital world.


Teach students & staff self-awareness & understanding of the issues of digital overuse to promote a positive learning atmosphere.


Learn how to overcome digital distraction and empower others around you to create more positive practices for digital well-being.

Together, let's prioritize digital wellness in today's 24/7 connected world.

At the Digital Wellness Institute, we know the incredible benefits that digital technology provides to us. But with many spending over half of their day on a connected device, we also recognize the unintended consequences of constant screen time.

The solution to these problems isn't another app or meditation service.

Instead, we need a targeted approach to improving digital wellness to create lasting behavioral and cultural change once and for all.  We help you do this through Courses, Consulting, and Certification.
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Digital wellness is one of the defining issues of the 21st century.

Research shows that digital technology can negatively impact our sleep, relationships, mental health, and ability to do productive, focused work when poorly managed. 

Our team is passionate about helping organizations and individuals create a positive digital culture; with increased productivity and engagement rates, improved retention and recruitment, deeper employee and customer loyalty, and improved overall well-being.

Our interventions are built upon The Digital Flourishing® model.
Developed in partnership with leading researchers and academic institutions across North America, the model is a proprietary framework designed to help build positive digital practices into your work, school, or personal life.

What is Digital Flourishing?

Hear from Digital Wellness Institute CEO, Amy Blankson
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