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2023 Certified Digital Wellness Educator Program

Earn a certification to champion a change in culture from within your workplace or school.


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Productivity. Mental Health. Personal Relationships. 

It's the middle of the night. You are up late yet again, scrolling through your feed, wondering why you feel tired and anxious amidst the cacophony of "pings" and "dings" that were supposed to make your life easier. Meals with loved ones are spent hunched over screens. Productivity suffers at work as digital distractions abound. You may be left wondering...

"How can I help myself or others find balance in the digital era?"

That's where we come in...
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Find the sweet spot in the digital era

Digital wellness isn't about abstaining from technology but learning to use technology with intention. Through industry-leading courses, we help individuals and aspiring experts learn the skills they need to bring about change. 

Choose your path:


Learn the basics: what is digital wellness? why does it matter? how can I improve my digital wellness?  


Certification courses to equip industry-professionals with an in-depth understanding of digital wellness. Perfect for health practitioners, HR professionals, and more.

Are you Flourishing?

How can you improve your digital wellness if you don't know where to start?  You need a baseline to understand what areas you are thriving in and what areas you could use help and support in.  That's why we developed the Digital FlourishingTM Survey, a scientifically-validated assessment to help you understand how the eight dimensions of digital wellness play out in your life.  Take the survey as often as you would like--it's our gift to you and we hope you enjoy!

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