Digital Wellness InsightsTM

Identify the missing metric. Empower your teams with the data and benchmarking needed to boost the bottom line.
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Identify Your Missing Metric...

As your employer wellness budget has increased, the rates of burnout, mental health, and attrition have remained unchanged.

Why is that?

Because traditional pulse and NPS surveys neglect to measure the impact technology has on the employee experience...

Look beyond...

It's time to look beyond traditional conceptions of workplace wellbeing and use the Digital Flourishing Model to address and improve the missing metric: that is, the impacts of screen time on employee health, productivity, and workplace sentiment.

It's time to measure employee wellness in the digital age.

We provide a platform for companies to measure the current state of wellbeing in the workplace - taking into account the role that technology plays on employee Flourishing. From there, we provide recommendations for improvement, so you can improve the metrics that matter most.
How we navigate work and life in the digital environment is the issue for us to solve moving forward. The Digital Wellness Institute is quantifying the problem with the right language and the right measurement at the right time. They have a suite of interventions that can meaningfully move the needle forward for positive change.

Matthew Chow
Chief Mental Health Officer, Telus Health

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Track the following, with InsightsTM 


Q: To what extent are employee's feelings of being "always on" and "constantly connected" to slack, email, and text after hours contributing to their work-related burnout?

Mental Health

Q: To what extent is employee screen time screen contributing to their feelings of anxiety, depression, and overwhelm?


Q: How many hours a day are your employees spending on screen during each day, and how does this fatigue lead to lapses in Productivity?

Q: To what extent does distraction via personal devices lead to lost hours during the workday? 


Q: How does the workplace digital culture contribute to an employee's desire to leave the company and seek employment elsewhere?

Q: To what extent would they be more likely to stay if the workplace was Digitally WellTM?

Improve Health, Happiness, and Retention in your Workplace.

With Digital Wellness, you unlock the inner potential of your employees and reclaim elements of their productivity and wellbeing... all so your organization can Flourish. 
  • Enjoy a hands-on approach to analyzing your data with the leading experts in digital wellness.
  • Enhance your employee wellbeing programs by unlocking powerful data that allows you to make investments in the right area.
  • Unlock industry verticals to see how your workplace's digital wellness scores compare to peers.

Digital Wellness is not just a nice to have...
It's a strategic and operational imperative.


Uncover the missing metric and get a digital flourishing score for your organization.


Empower employees to reach a state of Digital Flourishing - both at work, and at home.


Bring in the world's leading experts. Create a shift in culture to align digital wellness with your strategic goals.