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In a time of accelerated disruption and transformation, organizations are being called upon to cultivate positive digital cultures more than ever before.  It's time to address digital overwhelm, burnout, and distraction within your organization. It's time to Digitally Flourish®.

Give your employees the tools they need to flourish in the digital era with our newest micro-learning program, Digital Wellness 101: Optimizing Your Time & Energy.

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Course Length

1-3 hours of course work


Asynchronous, on-demand learning


Interactive videos, activities, downloadable workbook


$185 CAD (approx $150 USD) per person, bulk pricing available

Upskill Your Workforce

Designed for busy individuals, this micro-course was co-created with our award-winning e-learning partner PowerEd to offer tangible skills for managing distraction, increasing productivity, and boosting well-being.

  • Understand the concept of digital wellness
  • Learn the barriers to and opportunities for digital flourishing
  • Apply the Digital Flourishing® model in a work context
  • Assess digital wellness using the Digital Flourishing® Scale

Course Features


This course can be completed in one sitting or in short bursts, on your own schedule. The course takes between 1-3 hours to complete.

Off-the Shelf

Whether you need a white-label solution, SCORM files for your LMS, or a dedicated e-learning platform, we've got you covered.


No one wants boring training videos! This course is interactive, engaging, reflective, and actionable.  Downloadable workbook included.

Read about our partnership

Why we partnered with the award-winning e-learning provider PowerEd to offer this program.

Other Services

Custom Content

 We provide tailor-made solutions to address your organizational challenges; from on-demand micro-content to fully customized eLearning modules.

Keynotes & Webinars

Our amazing team of Digital Wellness Experts and Instructors make themselves available for keynotes, presentations, and live events.

Workshops & Retreats

We feature a series of live workshops led by our instructors that dive deeper into the actionable changes and group exercises that make up our course content

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