Our teachers

Meet our instructors

Amy Blankson

Author of the Future of Happiness; Member UN Global Happiness Council; CEO Fearless Positivity, 

Sophie Janicke-Bowles, Ph.D

Founder of Rewire Happiness; Assistant Professor in the School of Communication Chapman University

Dr. Kwabena Blankson

Adolescent Medicine doctor; Co-Founder Gamer Wellness;  Harvard College/Yale School of Medicine

August Brice

Founder, TechWellness

Renée Cummings

Founder and CEO of Urban AI; Crimnologist; Data Activist in Residence, University of Virginia

Shaunelle Curry

CEO & Founder at Media Done Responsibly; Media Studies Professor

Nir Eyal

NYT Best-selling author of Indistractable and Hooked

Chris Flack

Co-Founder at UnPlug

James Garrett

CEO & Founder at BrainbyDesign; Co-founder of Think Unlimited

Sharmin Habib

 Co-founder, UMay Care, Optometrist and Wellness Advocate

Heidi Hanna, Ph.D

NYT Best-selling author; Instructor, Harvard Extension School; CEO Synergy Brain Fitness; Advisory Board Member for the American Institute of Stress. 

Nina Hersher

CEO and Co-founder of the Digital Wellness Institute; Founder of Evolving in the Digital Age

Jamie Levy

Master Reiki Teacher; Program Director, Mindful Meeps

Anna Lomanowka, Ph.D

Director, Digital Well-being Lab at Laval University, Quebec; Adjunct Professor of Psychology

Johnette Magner, Ph.D

Executive Director of External Affairs; Assistant Professor, Communications and Media Studies at Louisiana Tech University

Marie McGrath

Executive Director, TextLessLiveMore

Jonathan Noel

Founder, Align XP; Doctorate of Chiropractic (D.C.) from Southern California University of Health Sciences

Susan Reynolds

Co-Founder & Board Chair at LookUp.live

Tyler Shores

ThinkLab Program Manager, University of Cambridge

Jay Vidyarthi

Award-winning Mindfulness Designer & Researcher; Co-launched 'A Mindful Society' Conference
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